Art of the Day: Landline (Alternate Book Cover)

Tools: Pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper // Edited in PSCS5

I’m not going to pretend I know something about marriage but this book hit home for me. Once again, the writing prowess of Rainbow Rowell captivated me. (I will read anything this woman writes.)

Things I loved about this book (contains spoilers):

1. Georgie being a cryer.

2. Neal and Georgie’s “hobitty” chemistry. Man. Short people represent! Finally!

3. Neal and Georgie’s chemistry, period.

4. Seth.

5. The cameo appearance by a couple from one of Rainbow’s previous novel. (!!!)

6. Neal. Neal, Neal, Neal. (God, that very brief chapter in his PoV.)

Expect some more fan art soon. (I swear, I will make a full scale drawing of that Polaroid picture.)

P.S. To my fellow Filipinos: Typhoon Glenda really hit us hard. I hope you’re all safe wherever you are!